Anonymous asked:
"why do I have no one" is what I ask myself every night and I don't know

because people are shit

autsbreeze asked:
guess who it is hi ily

oh hi boo ily (poem)

Anonymous asked:
what's acid like?

think of the coolest dream you’ve ever had or vision add so much colour and happiness there

Anonymous asked:
i think there are two kinds of people, those who lie and those who would be too afraid to tell you because you wouldn't believe it

why do I have no one never anyone

Anonymous asked:
how old were you when first had sex

15 i think maybe

Anonymous asked:
which drugs have you done

man quite a few lmao there’s different types of every drugs

Anonymous asked:
you seem like someone that could easily be fallen in love with and have no idea

what no people lie man they don’t mean it

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